Stephenie Meyer Thankful For 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' And 'Eventful' 2012

And we're thankful for her! We're revealing the films we're most thankful for in 2012 leading up to Thanksgiving.

If there is one film that has dominated our MTV News coverage this year and the four years prior, it's anything and everything related to "The Twilight Saga." This year, of course, we have taken extra care to savor each and every photo, video and interview related to the final film in the franchise, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," as it has served as a kind of long goodbye to an epic Hollywood run.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that, at this time of year, when we reflect back on the things for which we are most thankful in film, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is high on our list, along with the woman responsible for it all, Stephenie Meyer, who offered up a few thoughts on the subject on behalf of her "baby," as it were.

"It feels like a really eventful year. A lot of really big things happened this year," Meyer told MTV News recently. "The movie coming out is a big deal."

And although we've been focused on all things "Twilight," we've also been keeping close tabs on Meyer's next book-to-movie adaptation "The Host," the filming of which Meyer said was a personal highlight for 2012.

"When we were filming 'The Host,' we had a lot of really exciting days," she recalled. "I don't know if I could pick one [favorite], but probably a day on set this spring."

And what about her favorite entertainment property outside of her own work? "That is tricky, because I have not allowed myself [to see] a lot of television or movies this year, so I guess my favorite entertainment thing of the year is 'The Bourne Legacy.' I loved that movie," she said of the Jeremy Renner-led addition to the franchise. "I'm a big 'Bourne' fan, and this one, it just did it for me."

In looking ahead to 2013, Meyer admitted that she can't seem to put any long-term goals on paper, so she focuses on ones that are easy to accomplish on a daily basis.

"Goals tend to overwhelm me. I think, 'Oh, it's never going to happen,' so I set small goals: 'Wake up tomorrow,' that's a good one," she joked. "It's very important."

Stick with MTV Movies leading up to Thanksgiving as we reveal the films we're most thankful for in 2012!