Kanye West Jumps On Remix Of Rihanna's 'Diamonds'

West proclaims he's 'Fresh as f---' on a wild new remix of Rihanna's latest single.

Kanye West just jumped on a remix of Rihanna's "Diamonds," and he definitely isn't holding anything back.

"We the cause of all the commotion/Your mouth runnin' by where is you goin?" West raps at the beginning of the new version of the song, which Rihanna posted on her Soundcloud page Friday (November 16), and he just keeps going from there, delivering raspy-voiced shout-outs to the Illuminati and Tay Zonday, quoting the theme song to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," proclaiming he's "on his Brad Pitt," and ripping through nimble lines like "You just look stupid to be ignorin' the DeLorean parked in front of [the] Armani emporium."

At one point, he also screams out loud, curses the voices in his head, says he's celebrating after making it through Hurricane Sandy and proudly promises that "Until my time is up/my style's sex in the shower/fresh as f---.

Yes, there's certainly no shortage of Kanye's patented swagger, and the new remix also adds some clubby wallop to the laid-back track. It also comes as Rihanna is currently jetting her way across the globe on the 777 Tour, playing shows in Mexico City and Toronto, preparing for a gig in Stockholm, Sweden, and pouring plenty of drinks for the 100-plus journalists along for the ride.

MTV News is, of course, also tagging along on the trip, bringing you updates from each of Rihanna's shows and even previewing some of the in-flight dining options. Like Kanye says, the caramel pecan brownie is fresh as f---.

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