Lindsay Lohan's 'Liz & Dick' Casting 'A Very Smart Decision'

Why Lohan as Liz Taylor? 'By the very fact that the tabloids were running around after it, you had your answer,' co-star Grant Bowler tells MTV News.

It's hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan only shot "Liz & Dick" for three weeks, given how much buzz and hype surrounded not only her casting, but any drama that went down on set.

Some of that action included a health scare after she was reportedly found unconscious in her hotel room and an investigation into the film's overzealous production from a number of Hollywood unions. That was all happening while everyone was just wondering if the actress would be able to finish the film without incident.

In the end, she did. "Liz & Dick" airs November 25 on Lifetime, and co-star Grant Bowler still can't believe how much gossip and press surrounded Lohan's involvement in the film. "There is a little bit of hype about it, isn't there? People have noticed," Bowler told MTV News on Friday (November 16).

"I was surprised [by the attention]. I had obviously, I had been aware of Lindsay. I had never been a part of a project where that kind of marketing publicity, tabloid-type thing impacted [it] from the beginning," he added. "It was interesting. It was a whole new deal."

In a lot of ways, the production didn't veer too far from the life and times of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the headline-making Hollywood A-listers the film is based on. They set the bar for modern-day celebrity culture and the paparazzi attention that follows it, so hiring tabloid-target Lohan made all the sense in the world.

"I think it was a very smart decision on a lot of levels," Bowler said. "And it has been interesting, because reading the press before we started, there was a lot of questioning, like, 'Why cast Lindsay as Elizabeth Taylor?' And then right from the start, by the very fact that the tabloids were running around after it, you had your answer."

Lohan also makes for a pretty spot-on Liz Taylor, given that they both know what it feels like to always have someone speculating about your personal life.

"I mean, these were the two most written-about people of their day, far more notorious or scandalous a relationship, if you like, than any that's gone on since. The pope made a comment on their relationship officially from the Vatican. I don't think that's ever happened again. It kind of tops a Brangelina or anything that we've got these days. They were all over the place, those two."