One Direction Break Down The Art Of The Swoon Face: Watch Now!

MTV News captures 1D's secret to wooing the world with one glance.

By now if you are a die-hard Directioner you have watched One Direction's "Little Things" video countless of times, and judging by the 30 million YouTube views it has, many of you have.

You've memorized each word of the song, you've gotten chills when Zayn sings "I'm in love with you" right to camera, your heart melts a little when Liam blows a kiss while strumming the guitar and you've probably pictured Harry singing those sweet lyrics right to you. It's OK — we've all been there.

Yet, how do they do it? How do One Direction, who just released their second album Take Me Home, make hearts flutter and millions of girls around the world swoon in a single glance?

See One Direction's swoon faces in GIF perfection!

Well, we've found out the answer. We recently caught up with the guys of One Direction and after they spilled their secrets to us, broke down the key to their "swoon faces" and how, with just one look, they make people instantly fall in love with them, we learned, to our surprise, it's not as glamorous as it may seem.

"When we first did our first photo shoot on 'X Factor' and we did our video there was a guy behind the camera going "Look at the floor, look at the floor, look at the floor and go," Harry Styles said as he showed off his go-to swoon face.

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Now even though fans would agree that each of them pull off the swoon face to perfection, Liam Payne feels they "look horrible," while Louis Tomlinson feels he just looks angry.

"It looked like someone had just offended our mothers or something because it looked like we were all angry," Tomlinson said. "Like 'What you say about my mom?"

Who do you think makes the best swoon face? Let us know in the comments.