'Restore The Shore' Telethon Needs Your Help: Tune In Now!

'Jersey Shore' cast and a host of celebs are taking your donations to help the seaside towns devastated by Sandy, on MTV and MTV.com.

The cast of "Jersey Shore" — and a host of celebrities, including Taylor Swift, One Direction and Nicki Minaj — are all pitching in to help rebuild the Garden State's oceanfront towns, many of which bore the brunt of Hurricane Sandy's wrath.

They'll all appear on MTV's "Restore the Shore," a live benefit airing tonight (November 15) at 11 p.m. ET. Working in partnership with the nonprofit organization Architecture for Humanity, the telethon will raise funds to restore several towns, including the cast's "Shore" home of Seaside Heights, which was devastated by the storm.

"If you've watched 'Jersey Shore,' you've seen Seaside Heights in action," Pauly D told MTV News, with pal Ronnie adding, "The residents, the workers, everyone right now is struggling to get back on their feet because of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Donate to help "Restore the Shore" now.

"A lot of people that have been down to the Jersey Shore have lots and lots of memories," Ronnie continued. "For workers and residents of Seaside Heights, memories is all they have right now."

Deena and the rest of the gang are helping to get the word out to let fans of the show, and the Shore, know there's a way to help. "The residents need your help," she pleaded.

"Let's rebuild the Shore together and help out," Vinny said.

Check out MTV stars prepping for "Restore the Shore" (and getting ready to answer the duck phones) over on the Remote Control blog.

In the weeks leading up to "Restore the Shore," stars from Pink to fun. have shared their personal recollections of the region.

"Whenever you think of the Jersey Shore, you either think of that TV show, or you think about the beautiful boardwalks, the gorgeous beaches, or the fact that my mom grew up in Atlantic City, and she remembers the diving horses and Ventnor [Pier] and all these beautiful places," Pink said in a message recorded for the special. "Please do whatever you can to restore this beautiful memory that, for most people in Seaside Heights right now, is just a memory."

You can still help "Restore the Shore" by texting SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation.