'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Finds 'Coldness,' 'Pain' In Seaside Heights

'You can look into the eyes of the people who live here and see their pain,' Vinny shared in MTV's 'Restore the Shore' live event on Thursday.

For anyone who hasn't seen first-hand the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy on the famed Jersey Shore, it's pretty heartbreaking. "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino headed down there to speak with residents about how they are coping weeks after the storm wreaked havoc on the resort towns lined up on the Atlantic Ocean.

And what he saw is pretty unbelievable. The rides are literally floating in the ocean, with parts of the roller coasters peeking out of the waves. The boardwalk has been crashed by the impact of the storm and many homes have been leveled.

"I spent some time with some local people here at the shore who have been affected by the storm and I've gotten to know what they're going through," Vinny shared during MTV's "Restore the Shore" telethon on Thursday night. "And I can't explain to you the depth of the devastation I've seen since I've been here and you can look into the eyes of the people who live here and see their pain."

MTV partnered with the nonprofit organization Architecture for Humanity to help those in need after Hurricane Sandy left the Jersey Shore in ruins. To help out, text SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation now.

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"For me, it's real simple for Seaside: It's the people," Mayor Bill Ackers explained of the residents of his beloved city, barely able to hold back tears. "When you got little kids, you know, they don't want to hear that they're not going to eat today." Later on, he pleaded, "Please, whatever you can do, we need your help to restore the Shore."

Ackers wasn't the only Seasider affected by the storm. The locals are still struggling to get their lives together. "We had a rough life before and this is where our life began," one tearful female told MTV. "It's not only me, it's hundreds of families here that lost everything," another said.

When Vinny headed home with one woman, they found her house is not how she left it. The door will no longer able to open and once they do get inside, nothing is where it should be. The refrigerator has been tossed about, furniture is all over the place, and her cat is hungry. "Please do whatever you can to help us restore the shore, please," she cries.\

A clergyman MTV caught up with explains that the devastation left by the storm in no way recalls the happy times and memories many have of the Jersey Shore.

"You can just feel the coldness and the hurt and the shadow with them. And we really don't know what tomorrow holds," he shared. "This is more than a boardwalk. This is a place that has given spirit and time and entertainment and hospitality and friendship for many, many years. And we stand here amidst the devastation; please choose to be a part of the light that shines upon the Jersey Shore this day. God bless and long live Seaside Heights and the Jersey Shore."

You can still help "Restore the Shore" by texting SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation.