'Twilight' The Musical? Taylor Lautner Weighs In!

Jacob Black himself wonders to MTV News about the 'Saga' heading to Broadway ... or reality TV.

It seems that Taylor Lautner isn't ready to say goodbye to Jacob Black just yet. The lovelorn werewolf has a few ideas up his hairy sleeve that he thinks could work to keep the "Twilight Saga," and Jacob, alive a little bit longer.

"How about a musical? That would be fun!" Lautner told MTV News.

If a "Twilight" musical isn't a wacky enough idea for you, Lautner is ready to cast real-life vampires and werewolves for the small screen. "What about a reality TV show? Is that possible?"

And he even had some sage advice for whomever might play Jacob in that musical or reality show. "I'll say 'Have fun,' because this character has been unreal to me," Lautner told us at the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" red-carpet at the premiere earlier this week. "Truly, I can't imagine a cooler character to play over the past few years. Have fun with it and enjoy it."

Well, until any of those ideas come to fruition, there is the final film, which opens this week. And like many a "Twilight" fan, Lautner is having a hard time saying goodbye to the franchise. "Seriously, there are so many emotions going on inside of me right now," he said. "I don't know if I say 'sad.' I don't know if I say 'excited.' There are so many things. It's a weird feeling."

And for fans feeling as blue as he is, Lautner suggested that they check out the "DVDs, re-read the books, I don't know. We'll love to still travel and see them [for the film's overseas premieres], but the good thing is, we're all going to be in it together. We're going to be dealing with PTSD." (PTSD, of course, stands for "Post-'Twilight' Sadness Disorder.")

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