Ke$ha, Listen Up: James Van Der Beek 'Down' To Collaborate!

Van Der Beek, who worked with Ke$ha on her 'Blow' video last year, shares with MTV News that he'd definitely be down for round two.

While the word is just now readying itself for a James Van Der Beek renaissance, glittering pop star Ke$ha hopped on the bandwagon early. She enlisted the former teen soap star to go head-to-head with her in her 2011 video for "Blow."

The clip was a bit insane as it followed the on-screen foils trading barbs with one another at a party populated by unicorns. And, it's that zaniness that makes the "Don't Trust the Bitch In Apt 23" actor totally into the idea of working with the Warrior singer again.

When MTV News caught up with Van Der Beek at a GQ party earlier this week in L.A, he shared that even though he hasn't checked out her clip for he would be on board for whatever other visuals she's cooking up for her December album release. "I'm down! I'm down!" he said. "It was a blast. We had a lot of fun on the last one. I actually really liked the song too."

That onset chemistry was palpable. When the "Blow" video dropped last year, director Chris Marrs Piliero shared that the Van Der Beek and Ke$ha had an awesome time on set together. "He and Ke$ha kind of went for all the craziness," he said in March 2011. "I think he has a fantastic comic side. He's good at being naturally funny. It's about the delivery."