Remember One Direction's Historic Debut? Take Me Home Is 'Better'

'If you listen to the two albums back to back this one is a level up,' Harry Styles tells MTV News of their sophomore effort.

With Up All Night becoming the first debut from a British group to enter the Billboard 200 at #1, many are wondering if the boys of One Direction will be able to do it again with their sophomore effort, Take Me Home. Judging by their placement on the top of the iTunes chart, it's safe to assume history will repeat itself.

Even though it's only been eight months since the release of Up All Night, the fivesome have done a lot of growing up in that time, musically speaking. With catchy lyrics and swooning ballads, Take Me Home has something for each Directioner.

MTV News recently caught up with the guys of One Direction on the set of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and they revealed that the reason that this album works so well is because they have finally found their sound.

"I think when you think about it it's crazy. Since we were released here, it's only been eight months. It's really quick turn-around. We can't believe we've already released our second album. It's kind of crazy," Harry Styles said. "I think on the first album there's a few tracks we can tell we are still kind of trying to find what One Direction's sound is and I think this time we kind of know what it is and we can kind of focus on that. We think the songs are better on this album. We think if you listen to the two albums back to back this one is a level up."

Another reason this album might have raised the bar is because One Direction were heavily involved in the production process of this album, co-writing four of the tracks.

"This time we we're a little more confident than the first time around," Liam Payne said. "[On the first album,] we let everyone else sort of get along with it because we didn't know much about music or what we were doing we just kind of let it roll. Then this time we had a writing room set up separate to the room we were recording, so we went in there and wrote whatever you wanted to, kind of you didn't have to write, you just went in there when you wanted to."

Zayn Malik went on to explain why the writing room was so important. "We could literally go in whenever we wanted, whenever we had free time, so someone might go in in the morning and come up with an idea or a concept for a song and write a few lyrics or whatever ... and by the end of the day you could come back and it would be completely different story."

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