One Direction's 3-D Flick Needs Home Videos And A Cheeseburger Run

MTV News offers up eight possible scenes for the Morgan Spurlock-directed movie.

One Direction fans won't have to camp out on the street all weekend anymore to see their favorite guys up close (see: "Today" show appearance). With their newly announced movie, we'll be able to see them jump out at us, serenade us and do everything that the boys do — all in 3-D! With "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock at the helm of the boy band's 3-D flick, MTV News got wondering if the documentarian can capture all the little things we love about the guys.

So, as Spurlock gets the all-access pass to everything 1D, we've taken the liberty to give him a guide of the eight top scenes we'd like to see in the One Direction movie. Read on, Directioners!

Warming Up

After watching One Direction's acoustic video over and over and over, we need to hear more a cappella from the boys. Whether it's a pre-show warm up or another acoustic performance, the 3-D movie should show fans more of what we love most: their voices!

The Munchies

We all know where Morgan Spurlock wants to go to grab some grub, but where would 1D go for a quick bite to eat? And what would they order? We can just hear their delectable British accents now: "Five cheesebuhguhs, please."

All Those Tats...

Just as Harry gets a tattoo, Zayn gets another, and then Louis, and then Harry again. Each day, we see their new body art make headlines, but wouldn't it be cool if we can see it all happen in front of our eyes? If Harry, Louis and the gang head back to their tattoo artist, whom we spoke with last month, Spurlock better get it on camera!

Ready For Some Football

While the boys showed their affinity for American football in their latest Pepsi spot, the band has been known to play a little European football (you know, soccer) themselves. A One Direction soccer match would give the movie a little action. I pick Liam's team!

Behind the Music

The band's friend Ed Sheeran penned two songs off 1D's Take Me Home — "Little Things" and "Over Again." The swoon-worthy video for "Little Things," the album's second single, shows the guys in the studio, recording their vocals and spending quality time with each other. But as much as we loved the black-and-white photography, the eye contact (it felt like the boys were singing directly to us) and the glimpse at Liam and Niall's guitar playing, we'd love to see some more behind-the-scenes recording time from the guys. And it would be even cooler if their red-haired songwriter was there too.

If the guys head back to the studio to make new music any time soon (we're crossing our fingers), we expect the 3-D movie to capture some of those sessions and give us a glance at the writing and recording process.

Baby Zayn

Let's be honest. It wouldn't get much cuter than home video of the guys before their "X Factor" days. Think you can dig something up, Spurlock? Thanks.

A Gala Affair

Aside from their announced 2013 tour, One Direction might make a private stop to see their friends at the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama has reportedly invited them to play for Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, to thank her daughters for being good sports during the re-election campaign. The 3-D film crew should be ready to roll when 1D show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because we want to witness every last bit of that high-profile hangout.

Up in the Air

Really, what do you do on a eight-hour flight from London to Washington, D.C.? The master documentarian needs to unveil how the guys bide their time on transatlantic flights. We're guessing it's nothing short of adorable.

What would you like to see in One Direction's 3-D movie? Tell us in the comments!