Taylor Swift Says She Wants Red Tour To Be 'As Big As Possible'

'If we can make a show that dazzles people ... then I'll have done my job,' Swift tells Billboard of her upcoming tour.

Taylor Swift's Red album opened big, continues to sell big and seems destined to be the biggest album of 2012.

So, not surprisingly, when it comes to the tour in support of that album, well ... she's thinking big too.

"I like for it to be big — as big as possible," Swift told Billboard about her upcoming tour. "If we can make a show that dazzles people more than the last tour, then I'll have done my job the right way. I just want to be able, in this economy, to make a show that, for fans, is definitely a guarantee that they will be entertained enough to warrant them leaving their house, spending their evening with me, parking their car, waiting in line, maybe buying a T-shirt.

"I want them to be so happy that they decided to spend their time with me. I think that's my biggest objective," she continued. "And the element of surprise is still really important in a concert and showing scenes and images and visuals that are magical. I really like to take people to a different world and changes things up constantly, never showing them too much of the same thing too many times in a row."

Swift's Red tour is set to kick off March 13 in Omaha, and, as she told MTV News last month, she's already got "so many ideas" about how to make the show larger than life. Her pal — and Red collaborator — Ed Sheeran will open up the shows, a gig he describes as "mind blowing."

And in addition to bringing fans the biggest show possible, Swift told Billboard that she'll also be counting on their input to shape her set list ... which she says will heavily feature songs from her most recent smash album.

"Of course, you know the tour will be a big representation of this record," she said. "I'm so excited to see what songs the fans like the most and which ones jump to the forefront because that's the first step. We always see which songs are really the passionate songs and the ones the fans are freaking out over the most, and those are the ones that are definitely in the set list. I can't wait for that."

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