Nicki Minaj Gets Carried Away In ‘Freedom’ Video Teaser

Crew members carefully lift the rapper around England set to preserve her glammed-up heels in Re-Up video, which is 'coming soon.'

With only days until Nicki Minaj drops her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up , she’s giving fans a little sneak peek into the making of her newest video. Set to drop any day now, it seems that Minaj is opting for the glam over the wacky in her clip for “Freedom.”

Minaj shot the video in England, and the behind-the-scenes teaser shows off one of the video’s set-ups. In it, Minaj is donning a multi-colored gown out in the middle of the dreary English countryside, as smoke fills the space behind her. In between displays of Nicki as a rapping glamazon, the featurette also shows how much work her crew had to put into shooting the video. Short clips show two men carrying the singer from her waiting area to the set-up as not to ruin her platform heels. Another shot captures Minaj’s ride in a carriage, safely transporting her over the rocky terrain.

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