Madonna Goes ‘Gangnam Style’ With Psy

Psy flew in from Germany on Tuesday to jam with Madonna on two songs at her second Madison Square Garden show.

Madonna isn’t one to share the stage with other stars at her shows, but on Tuesday she invited one of the biggest pop sensations in the world to jam during her second night at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

No, it wasn’t her sometimes rival Lady Gaga .

It was Korean pop explosion Psy, who she flew in from Frankfurt, Germany, for the special honor. According to the Associated Press, Madonna and Psy danced and sang his smash hit, “Gangnam Style,” and then took a swing at her song “Music” as well.

Not only did the pair sing Psy’s signature tune, but Madonna and her dancers even whipped out the rapper’s iconic horsey dance. While Psy shimmied in his red suit, Madonna backed it up into him and then crawled down through his legs, eventually climbing up on his back and riding him like a pony. He returned the favor during “Music” by grinding up on the music icon and clearly having a blast.

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