Nikki Reed's 'Breaking Dawn' Song Is 'For The Fans'

'I just wanted the fans to know how I connected with these films,' she says of 'All I Ever Needed' with husband Paul McDonald.

Have you scored your copy of the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" soundtrack yet? The fifth and final "Twilight" album is a soon-to-be best-seller that boasts the lyrical stylings of Green Day, repeat contributor Christina Perri and franchise star Nikki Reed.

MTV News recently caught up with Reed to talk about the hard work she and "American Idol"-alum husband Paul McDonald put into their contribution, "All I've Ever Needed."

"I went to [director] Bill Condon a year ago and said, 'Is there any chance if we write something will you have a listen and think about it?' He said, 'Absolutely, I'll listen to whatever you send,' and we did," Reed recalled. "We turned something in, and I know everyone is going to assume that just because I'm in the movies that it was a given [we would be on the soundtrack], but we fought so hard, Jackson knows," she added, pointing to co-star Jackson Rathbone. "He listened to many versions and stages of the song. We waited eight months to hear. It was back and forth."

Reed said she wanted the song to be produced as a tribute to the fans, not because she needed to be featured on the album or the song featured in the film.

"I wanted it for the fans. I didn't care where it ended up in the film, if it was on the soundtrack or the DVD, I just wanted the fans to know how I connected with these films," she said. "The fans, they get very creative too. They write and do fan fiction, so it sort of goes past what the story is on the screen. I feel those same things, I just wanted them to see that."

And if you want more of Reed and McDonald's sweet harmonies, their first joint EP, The Best Part, recently arrived and is available for download.