J. Cole Shows Angst On New Single 'Miss America'

As first track from upcoming Born Sinner, single marks second anniversary of Friday Night Lights.

"They'll never play this sh-- on the radio."

That's the conclusion that J. Cole came to about his new track "Miss America," and even though there are a number of factors involved in what does and doesn't get pushed out on commercial airwaves, the Roc Nation MC is probably right. Then again, pop appeal was never Cole's strong suit.

Yes, the Fayetteville, North Carolina, wordsmith crashed Billboard with hits like "Work Out" and the Trey Songz-assisted "Can't Get Enough," but "Miss America," from his upcoming Born Sinner LP plays more like hard-hitting, cocky bravado that Cole served fans way before he had an official album on the shelves. No wonder he dropped it only after midnight, just a few minutes after the two-year anniversary of his Friday Night Lights mixtape passed.

"Load the clip in the chopper, flip the script and get Oscars/ All my n---as is mobsters, all my bitches is doctors," Cole spits to set off the drum-driven track, which is now available on iTunes.

Though the title suggest something sugary, Jermaine's "Miss America" isn't filled with pageantry, but instead with juxtaposed angst and frustration stemming from the hard knock life which he only recently climbed up out of. "Two chances, slow dance with the devil, bitch/ Overcome any circumstances, we hella rich," he chants on the song's chorus.

Cole doesn't have a focused target, however. In part, he seems to blame the government thumbing his nose at Uncle Sam. But Cole also takes aim at MCs who aren't upholding hip-hop culture too. "Rap game changed, this is embarrassing sh--," he charges before even questioning his own motives.

"Heavy heart, as I sit in this Range/ Counting thousands out, am I about dollars or about change?" he asks rhetorically.

Clearly it's the latter.

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