Robert Pattinson Recalls Partying Like It's 1999 At Prince Show

'It was the coolest thing I've ever seen,' 'Twilight' star tells MTV News.

For those of us who spend time thinking about our favorite "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson, particularly during this very special week that leads to the release of the fifth and final film in the franchise, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," we can't help but hang on each and every word or interview we see with him as this epic franchise winds down — even if said words don't involve "Twilight" or Edward Cullen.

When MTV News caught up with Pattinson recently, the conversation veered into the subject of music — something Pattinson and everyone here at MTV News can appreciate — and his attendance of a Prince concert last month in Los Angeles, and we had to find out if the two superstars had a chance encounter.

"No, I didn't [get to meet him], annoyingly," Pattinson recalled. "But it was amazing. Anyone who finds about those Prince after-jams [should go]. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. It was ridiculous, amazing."

Speaking of music, what does Pattinson think of the fact that his co-star Nikki Reed has now joined him in the ranks of "Twilight" soundtrack contributors?

"I didn't even know she was a singer! I thought, 'How did she manage this?' " Pattinson said. And although the "Never Think" singer hasn't contributed anything since the first film, don't rule him out entirely for releasing future musical stylings upon the masses or contributing to an "After Twilight" album or something.

"Yeah, maybe. It takes me about that long to write a song," Pattinson said of needing a significant amount of time to write.

While we're waiting for that next Pattinson record, we can pass the time by visiting the past via one of our first interviews with him about Bella and Edward's first, not-so-French kiss.

"It's more of a Chilean kiss," Pattinson joked.

"What's that?" Stewart asked.

"Nah, that just wasn't funny," he replied. "But whenever we kiss, I just try and kill her all the time."

"And I love that. She's a sadomasochist, what can I say?" Stewart joked. "They're testing each other's limits."

"It's very kid-y, it's very sweet," added Pattinson. "And then it turns into hell, like all kisses do."

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