'Catfish' Premiere: What You Didn't See!

Nev and Max recall an off-camera moment between the show's first digital couple.

During Monday night's premiere of "Catfish: The TV Show," viewers were introduced to Sunny and her Internet boyfriend Jamison. While the two had been dating online for some time, Jamison's busy schedule prevented the pair from ever meeting face-to-face — that is, until MTV came along.

With the help of the show's creator and star, Nev Schulman, and his filmmaking bud Max Joseph, Sunny and Jamison were able to connect offline for the first time, revealing whether they had been honest about who they really were.

In this case (spoiler alert!), Sunny was shocked to learn her boyfriend was, in fact, a girl named Chelsea who had lied about the majority of her identity. While the episode was jam-packed with twists and turns, one of Nev and Max's favorite memories from the taping happened when the cameras were off.

"It was just Nev and me and Chelsea and Sunny, and we all just went around the corner to get frozen yogurt together," Joseph told MTV News. "We were all just talking, and they had kind of seemed to have returned to the relationship they were having previously. Not an amorous relationship, but they were friendly to each other and they were joking around with one another, and we have some fun pictures."

Seeing this was a breath of fresh air for the duo after witnessing firsthand Sunny's devastating reaction to Jamison/Chelsea's big reveal.

"They broke through the awkwardness and animosity that they had had the day before and were really connecting back on a friendship level," Joseph said. "We were all laughing and talking with one another, and maybe that's because there were no cameras there that they felt the freedom to really do that, but it was an amazing moment I remember fondly from the episode."

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