Cazzette Follow 'Beam Me Up' Premiere With Spotify-Only Album Debut

Swedish DJ duo will be the first artist to release an album exclusively on the streaming site.

You may not know them yet, but Swedish DJ duo Cazzette just might be a look at the "future" of the music industry. The self-proclaimed "dub house" group premiered their energized video for "Beam Me Up" on MTV last week, and now, they're releasing their debut EP Eject, in a manner as unique as the video itself.

On Tuesday (November 12), the duo released Eject via Spotify, marking the first-ever debut exclusively on the streaming site. According to members Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund, this kind of release is the future of the music business.

"I think streaming is the future," Björklund told MTV News following the "Beam Me Up" premiere. "It's a social network, you can share it with your friends, the playlists, the songs."

Eject will be released in three parts over the course of a month. If successful, they say this release could be the catalyst for a major change in opinion toward streaming sites among other artists and the industry as a whole.

If the album does as well as the "Beam Me Up" video, that shouldn't be a problem. The video follows the arrival of an alien species that causes mass chaos — in the form of unstoppable dancing — all over the world. This first track seems like an easy break into the American club scene, especially with such a fun video to back it up.

Cazzette is the second project from Ash Pournouri with At Night Management, the same man who brought electronic superstar Avicii to his current fame and accomplishment, so it seems that Seb and Alex are in good hands.

"I think everyone took inspiration from him because his music is very melodic and you can hear it in almost every track," they explained to MTV News of Pournouri. "People take those elements and use it in their songs now."