Snoop Lion Gets Down With Pistachios In New Spot: See It Here First!

'I love pistachios, been eating them for years,' Snoop tells MTV News of his team-up with Wonderful Pistachios.

Snoop Dogg — er, Lion — is no stranger to greenery or nuts, which is why he was the perfect choice for the latest installment of Wonderful Pistachios’ “Get Crackin’ “ campaign, joining such luminaries as the Village People, Homer Simpson and, uh, Keyboard Cat.

The brand-new spot, which the folks at Wonderful were nice enough to share exclusively with MTV News, plays up Snoop’s super-stony persona, as he sits on a green throne, reaches for a prescription bottle filled with the nuts (in California, you can also find them filled with other things) and then pours himself a pistachio, while an announcer jokingly intones “Snoop does it habitually.

And while the commercial is sure to delight Snoop’s midnight-tokin’ fans, he told MTV News that there were actually lots of reasons why he decided to sign on with the campaign … not all of which have to do with weed.

“I love pistachios, been eating them for years. Not only are they green, but you have to work a little bit to enjoy them,” he explained. “Once you crack one, the next thing you know you are sitting in a pile of pistachio shells. Also, let’s not forget who brought the term ’crackin’ ’ to the mainstream, ya dig?”

Oh, we dig. And while Snoop’s Rasta-fied Lion alter-ego may be down with pistachios, we had to ask him what kind of nuts Snoop Dogg snacks on … and the answer was as predictable as it was perfect.

“Deez Nuts! You made it too easy,” he laughed. “Also, I have been known to get down with the occasional cashew or two from time to time.”

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