'The Host' Star Saoirse Ronan Bringing First Trailer To MTV!

Before the clip's premiere tomorrow at 7 a.m. on MTV.com, star talks to MTV News about why the movie will always be compared to 'Twilight.'

When we last caught up with Saoirse Ronan, the enthusiastic young star of "The Host" told us she was just hours from seeing a cut of the eagerly anticipated film for the first time. Now it's nearly time for all of us to finally get a sneak peek at the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's bestseller. The first full trailer of the tale of Melanie Stryder and the alien (know as Wanderer) occupying her body debuts on MTV.com tomorrow at 7 a.m.

MTV News spoke to the 18-year-old Oscar-nominated actress (she earned her accolade for her performance in 2007's "Atonement") about her first impressions of the film, the pressure to follow-up "Twilight," and her next job, starring in Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

MTV News: Saoirse, when I last saw you in Toronto you were about to see an early cut of "The Host" for the first time. Are you happy with what you saw?

Saoirse Ronan: I am. It's great to just see it all put together and see how it looks and how certain scenes turned out. There are some nice moments in there. I loved working with everyone on it but I really loved working with William Hurt just because he was a great leader really for all of us. He raised questions that some of us might not have if he wasn't there so it was lovely to see the scenes that we did together.

MTV: Is the structure of the film still similar to the book? Are the flashbacks still intact?

Ronan: In the cut that I saw there were still quite a few flashbacks which is good because it gives you a chance to see the relationship between Melanie and Jared.

MTV: Are you comfortable with the "Twilight" comparisons?

Ronan: They are always going to make comparisons just because it's Stephanie's next novel and "Twilight" was so massive and so huge and so successful that it's an automatic reaction for anyone to have. I can understand that. It's good for the film. Hopefully the fans of "Twilight" — the film and the book — will go and see it. It's very different. The concept is quite incredible.

MTV: I heard you're going to the "Breaking Dawn" premiere in Los Angeles on Monday?

Ronan: I am. Yes, I am very excited and intrigued to see what it's all going to be like. I'm just really interested to see the whole spectacle.

MTV: It seems to me that at this moment you have a pleasant degree of fame wherein you're recognized but not overwhelmed. If "The Host" is as successful as you hope you might have to deal with the kind of intense scrutiny Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have faced. Is that troubling?

Ronan: It's something I'm aware of. You're exactly right. I've had just the right amount of recognition I think. A few people know me and that's great. I don't know how to prepare for something like that but I think a lot of it is where you live. I live in the country in Ireland so that's something I don't think will be as much of an issue, hopefully. We have to wait until the film comes out to see what kind of reaction it gets. You can't really let it worry you. It's just something that if it does happen you have to deal with. I do feel it must be so tough for them.

MTV: I was thrilled to hear that you're starring in Wes Anderson's next film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Ronan: It's shooting in the new year. I have a few weeks on it which is really lovely. I haven't met Wes yet but I love him. I love his films and there's nobody like him. I just I can't wait to see how he works. The cast is so brilliant. I'm really excited.

MTV: It's been reported that you have the lead role. Is that true?

Ronan: I'm not, no. I'm one of the only female characters in it but I'm not the lead. There's a young boy whom I'm the girlfriend of.

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