Game Says Beating 'Saved' 40 Glocc's Life

'You see how I changed that man's life? Saved him from the streets,' Game tells 'RapFix Live' of his fisticuffs with rapper 40 Glocc.

Game doesn't seem too worried over the pending lawsuit from rapper 40 Glocc in the fallout from their July fight, which The Documentary MC filmed and sent viral across the Internet. In fact, the way Game sees things, he helped his rival out by handing him a beating.

"One day 40 Glocc was bullying rappers," Game started to explain on Wednesday's "RapFix Live," referencing past altercations 40 had separately with Lil Wayne, Plies and Jamie Foxx. "Then I beat on him and now he's doing more inspirational tweets. You see how I changed that man's life? Saved him from the streets and that's what I'm talkin' about Jesus Piece."

While it does seem that Big Bad 4-0, an associate of 50 Cent's G-Unit crew, has taken a more positive approach on Twitter sending out inspirational messages, he is still about his paper. Last month it was revealed that Glocc is suing Game in response to the July altercation. Game says even though someone attempted to serve him with the papers at his home, the documents were never actually handed to him. "He didn't serve me. I closed the door. I'm out. Back on the Xbox," he said irreverently.

Game is no stranger to rap beef. Amongst his most memorable feuds was his one with former mentor 50 Cent, but these days Game is showing a new side to him. His upcoming LP Jesus Piece reflects the balance between his faith and the streets and on November 19 he and his fiancé Tiffany Cambridge will premiere their VH1's new reality series "Marrying the Game." Though he may not be as wild as he used to be, Game isn't living his life in fear either and he definitely isn't afraid of any repercussions from 40 Glocc, he says. "I'm just livin'. I'm goin' straight through it," he said. "The thing that I do know, that I'm 100 percent sure is that nobody leaves Earth alive."

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