'Twilight' Tent City Becomes Home To Hundreds Of Fans Before Premiere

More than 2,000 fans are expected to camp out near L.A.'s Nokia Theatre ahead of Monday's 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2' premiere.

There are passionate fanbases and there are really passionate fanbases. "Twilight" fans fall into the latter category, although we could probably add one more "really" in front of the "really passionate" descriptor. Case in point: their pilgrimages to major "Twilight"-themed events like the Los Angeles movie premieres and the cast's various appearances at San Diego Comic-Con.

At around 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, fans started camping out for the Tuesday premiere of the fifth and final film, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," near the Nokia Theatre in downtown L.A. They've brought with them tents, sleeping bags, various survival necessities and plenty of "Twilight" memorabilia. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the movies, expects more than 2,000 fans to gather in "Twilight Tent City" ahead of Monday's main event and, according to a few reports emailed and tweeted by fans, will be providing the fans with activities and special surprises over the next five days. Thursday's group of early arrivals, for example, were treated to a screening of "Twilight," and Friday morning (November 9), a banana-suit-wearing fitness enthusiast led fans in some group exercise.

As is to be expected when among a large group of like-minded peers, the "Twilight" fans are having a blast hanging out together for this farewell event.

"Things have been great so far," superfan Mary Lou Micco said via email to MTV News. "Everyone that I have talked to seems to be happy with the way things were handled with check-in. I am sitting here watching work out session and it's really something! Watching 'Twilight' in the middle of Nokia Plaza last night was amazing! I can't even describe the feeling when you are watching it with people who love it as much as you."

One group that has heavily prepared for the campout are the ladies behind "KStew's HBG" (a Facebook fan group dedicated to Stewart's hot bodyguard), who in addition to bringing a life-size cardboard cutout of their "main man" to camp for everyone to photograph, have been observing all kinds of other creative decoration and preparation from fellow fans.

"Lots of people from other countries are here representing with their flags, Brazil, England, Australia," said Lynsey Jacob. "One pregnant girl had a poster about which Cullen was her baby daddy. There's also a little camp area where this girl made purses out of magazine covers with the actors on them."

"Summit says there will be 2,300 campers altogether," added Jennifer Kelley. "If this was high school, cardboard cutout HBG would be prom king because he is totes popular. About 50 people have come by to take pics with him already in the last few hours."

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