Keyshia Cole Confronts Two-Timing Best Friend in 'Trust And Believe'

Keyshia Cole finds her best friend in bed with her boyfriend in new video for "Trust and Believe."

A two-timing boyfriend is one thing, but when the other woman is your best friend, well that's just too much drama.

Keyshia Cole finds herself in that exact scenario for her brand new video "Trust and Believe," a track off of her upcoming fifth album Woman to Woman.

"When I heard the song, I just thought it was amazing. Absolutely amazing and it made me cry actually," Cole told MTV News in October when shooting the clip in Los Angeles. "I've never been in a situation where my boyfriend has cheated on me with one of my closest friends but I know a couple of people who have."

The cinematic Benny Boom-directed finds the R&B star playing the role of Myeshia and begins with her sitting on the bedroom floor sobbing, while her lover bangs on the door. The video, which Cole has described as a mini-movie, details the couple's start with a back-in-the-day flashback. At first, Myeshia's boyfriend, played by Rotimi, doesn't seem to have much interest in the best friend, played by Tae Hackford, but over time they develop a relationship on the side.

"Trust and believe me, she'll never be me," Cole belts out singing the hook as she stands triumphant with the Hollywood Hills at her back.

Heartbreak isn't the only thing that the singer has to contend with however. As the video draws to a close, Keyshia's character intercepts a secret phone call, confronts her so-called friend with a baseball bat and then eventually finds her man and the temptress in bed together. The cheating souls run out the house half-naked in the rain, before they crash their car in a deadly collision.

"I'm so over you go get lost," Keyshia sings in the rain, before she throws two roses in memory of those she once loved.

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