'Skyfall' Fashion: The Secrets Behind The Secret Agent's Wardrobe

Costume designer Jany Temime takes MTV News inside Bond's killer closet.

Odds are, audiences queuing up for screenings of "Skyfall" this weekend will be more interested in seeing 007 and his bevy of bodacious Bond girls sans clothing — and we don't blame them! That's one good-looking cast. But it would be a hell of a fashion faux pas to overlook the sexy styles imagined by costume designer Jany Temime.

Known for her work on the "Harry Potter" films, Temime has swathed the secret agent and his cohorts in a closet full of unforgettable looks. Fifty years on, and Bond has never cut a finer form. Here, Temime breaks down the soon-to-be iconic outfits worn by Daniel Craig, Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris and Javier Bardem.

Sévérine's sexy black dress

"Bérénice is very curvy. She has a very small waist, hips. I wanted to design a dress that would sort of glorify this shape. I also wanted a very black dress, which would symbolize her past and what she is...and she is a lady of the night. I just wanted to make everybody feel that she is a really dark person, and I wanted to have the [panel] tattoo because of that. I designed this embroidery, which was like a big tattoo for her back and Swarovski did the little stones. I thought the first shot of Bérénice should be of her back, and then we would see this big tattoo in stone. That would tell the story of this woman instead of seeing anything of her. At the same time, it is luxurious and it is evening, but it is also very, very daring and very dark, very night club-ish. I had this avant-garde look [in my head], this film noir, cinema noir of the '50s. It is a very naughty dress."

Eve's lime confection

"It was lime colored because that exactly the opposite of [Sévérine] — one is very dark and the other is just light. One is death and one is life. And I wanted Naomie Harris to be sort of golden, and I chose that lime because it was so beautiful against her skin, and it was a sort of golden image, but it's really a lime color."

Bond's, well, everything

"I designed the suits and Tom Ford made them. First, I spent a day with Daniel and we tried different shapes of trousers, different shapes of waist coat and different shapes of shirt, of jacket. Here, we had the ideal suit, and when I had all those shapes... and when I knew what we wanted, we went to Tom Ford, and it was fantastic. He sent us his tailors, wonderful Italian tailors, and they made all of the suits from the fabric that I chose from his collection. The suits were handmade for Daniel, each one of the suits had three to four fittings, and they were amazingly made. Really, I cannot say enough what a beautiful job they did. And there were so many of them. The first suit, the light suit, we had 60 of it. We needed it for the stunts and the double and all that. And the suit — where he's running in the Tube — we had like 40 of them. And when we unpacked the tuxedo, and Daniel put it on, I think we all cried because it was so gorgeous. It was beautiful. The fabric was superb. It was beautiful. I still remember the emotion."

Silva's resort wear

"Because Bond is in black — he's in dark blue in that scene — I wanted Javier to be in white because I wanted the bad one to be in white and the good one to be in black — the contrary. And I just also wanted for the character to be just wrong. To be very new money, and that's the difference between Bond being an English gentleman, and he has all the class and all the breeding. And then Javier's character does not at all have it. He should have spent money, but he should also look like an expensive, bad test. And I thought the white silk was perfect on that, but I hadn't wanted to make him all white — it was just wrong for the character and cliché. The trousers and waist coat were sort of high cut to sort of accentuate this leg, this powerful leg and the printed shirt, and I thought the very colorful print gives us the feeling of a faraway island or something somewhere in the sun. I needed that touch of sun because it is such iconic Bond. It always happens somewhere in the sun faraway. And it is a very good link with the island."

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