Rihanna Lends Hand To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Singer donates $100,000 to NYC food bank, and is turning Friday's Unapologetic listening party into a benefit for storm victims.

Rihanna is Unapologetic about wanting to lend a hand to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

During a Facebook chat hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen on Thursday, she said that her heart goes out to victims of the storm, and revealed that she'd be donating $100,000 to the Food Bank for New York City to help aid in the recovery effort.

"It's really difficult to see something so tragic going on and not be able to do anything about it," she told Cohen. "There's nothing you can control, it's Mother Nature. It's really sad what happened here."

Rihanna is also donating 1,000 sleeping bags to the New York Daily News' Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort, and announced that she's turning Friday night's Unapologetic listening party at the 40/40 Club into an impromptu benefit for Sandy victims, asking all who attend to bring a donation for those still recovering from the storm.

"Everybody's asked to donate blankets and bleach ... they want cleaning [supplies], brooms, sleeping bags," she said. "And they get to listen to the album if they donate that stuff."

According to the newspaper, those items will be packed into a Daily News truck and delivered on Saturday to sections of the city that are still digging out from the destruction caused by last week's mega-storm. The News relief truck has already delivered more than 100 loads of clothing, blankets, books, diapers and cleaning supplies to Sandy victims.