'The Voice' Narrows It Down To Top 12!

Maroon 5 and season-two winner Jermaine Paul perform new singles on Thursday night.

Buttons have been pushed, votes have been counted and two months of singing lead up to Thursday's (November 8) episode of "The Voice," where the top 20 contestants were narrowed down to the coveted final dozen.

Host Carson Daly immediately briefed audiences of the show's itinerary, explaining that the night wraps up the live playoffs round of the competition and advances the two contestants who received the most of America's votes on each team. Still, the judges had a say in this elimination when they were offered one final save to a remaining member of their crew.

Early on in the night, Adam Levine took advantage of the anticipated episode by taking to the stage with his Maroon 5 bandmates to serve up some fresh new music: their latest single "Daylight," the third release off their pop-heavy album, Overexposed. Working in some cross promotion, Levine stood center stage as he and the rest of his bandmates performed the soft-rock track in matching blue ensembles with a midst of surrounding smoke. Audiences also got a taste of tune by season two winner of "The Voice," Jermaine Paul, who performed his new single "I Believe in This Life," off his debut album (dropping December 18). It may have been song with a all too familiar radio-friendly dance formula, but the pop tune lent Paul a nice platform to showcase his talented vocals.

Team Adam Levine

While Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith deservingly nabbed the most of America's votes, it left an undecided fate for Levine's remaining three: Joselyn Rivera, Melanie Martinez and Loren Allred. When asked which contestant Adam would like to save, the audience began to roar, but not before the chart-topper attempted to quiet them. "Please stop for one second. I want to talk to these guys," he said sternly. And after offering each of them praise, Levine revealed that Melanie Martinez would be the third singer to rep for his team. Bursting into tears, the finalist turned to her teammates and offered them a hug as the Maroon 5 frontman joined his disqualified castmates.

Team Blake Shelton

Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope were obvious shoe-ins for the final dozen, but Shelton's save (Michaela Paige) might have came as a surprise, considering Julio Cesar Castillo received one of the two standing ovations during his performance on Monday. Regardless, the judge admitted the choice was one he felt deep down in his gut. "I got to go with my heart and emotion," he confessed before announcing Paige's name. Of course, this also left Miss Liz Davis as the other disqualified teammate.

Team Christina Aguilera

Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub's talents received some overwhelming props

from the judges on Wednesday, and America agreed as Daly announced the

duo as the most voted contestants. It was a decision that lead Aguilera to chose Adriana Louise as he save, ending the show's road for fellow females De'Borah and Devyn DeLoera. Instead of complimenting the remaining, Aguilera offered them all some important advice. "Don't let anyone or anyone's opinion ever define who you are," she said. "You guys are so special and so talented. If I would have allowed people to effect me, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Team Cee Lo Green

While fan favorite Trevin Hunte was a predictable advance to this season's dirty dozen, America also found a liking to Nicholas David. With just a few minutes down to the clock, Judge Cee Lo offered some inspirational words and let the knife fall on Diego Val and MacKenzie Bourg. It was a decision that left Cody Belew with the last spot in the final round. As for his reasons for picking Belew, Cee Lo said, "I'm going to pick on the grounds of most improved."

Final 12

Amanda Brown

Bryan Keith

Melanie Martinez

Terry McDermott

Michaela Paige

Dez Duron

Sylvia Yacoub

Adriana Louise

Trevin Hunte

Nicholas David

Cody Belew

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