Ke$ha's 'Die Young' Vid: Wolves, Golden Tooth, Illuminati Galore!

MTV News compiles the five craziest moments from the cult-inspired clip.

Have you watched Ke$ha's new video for her single "Die Young" yet? If not, stop what you're doing and go give it a watch.

As we've come to expect from the "Blow" singer's creative and unpredictable storytelling in her previous videos, "Die Young" takes the phrase "cult following" to a new level. Here are the five craziest moments:

Unusual Modes of Transportation

Talk about making an entrance. Instead of simply walking into frame or stepping out of a car, Ke$ha appears riding in the back of a hearse, from which she is removed by a bunch of strapping, leather-clad gentlemen who hoist her up on their shoulders and carry her around like some sort of funeral totem. Heaven forbid Ke$ha's feet should touch the dusty ground.

The Illuminati References

This one is up for all kinds of creative interpretation, but clearly Ke$ha and her video team wanted to send some mixed messages and drive the "we're in a cult" vibe with multiple references to the Illuminati. Thanks to our good friends at MTV Buzzworthy, you can see a bunch of them in all their smoky, electric glory via a series of great GIFs.

Ke$ha's Barely There Wardrobe

Whoever thought that cult leaders can only wear long robes and billowy, drapey clothing needs to broaden their horizons by checking out Ke$ha's sexy outfits in this video. She shows off a very toned body in several skimpy ensembles. One is a black leather swimsuit-like number accessorized by a half-cowboy-chap-type adornment on one leg; another is a lacy set of white lingerie over which Ke$ha wears a furry white caplet/mini shawl on her back.

See Ke$ha's Illuminati symbolism at its GIF-y best!

Wolves Wrestling

This is probably the most random element in the video, but right around the 1:30 mark when Ke$ha is doing some sexy dancing/grinding with her cult followers there are quick cuts to a pair of wolves engaged in what could be play-fighting or a scary death match. We're going with the former. So what can we make of the wolves? Perhaps this is a nod to Ke$ha's dedicated fanbase, her "Animals," or maybe she just likes wolves.

The Golden Tooth Lives On!

Instead of the golden touch, Ke$ha's got a golden tooth, which many of us thought would serve as just a passing fashion statement when we first spotted her with the fancy metal in her mouth back in the fall of 2010. Thanks to several isolated shots of Ke$ha's mouth singing to the track in the video, we get plenty of glimpses of her gold embellishment, further accented by deep-red glossy lips.

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