Saigon Says 'Greatest Story 2' Captures Real Street Life

'I try to give the kids an ideology of where street life really leads you,' Sai says of his sophomore album, The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2.

After suffering through numerous delays with his debut album because of label issues, Saigon went the indie route to release his sophomore project, The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses, and on Wednesday's "RapFix Live" he explained that it gave him freedom to create on his own terms.

The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2 was released Tuesday via Suburban Noize, and the New York rapper said he was able to paint realistic pictures for his fans.

"I'm doing it independent and doing my own thing because I like creative freedom. I enjoy that more than the red tape, sitting around and waiting for somebody to tell me what to do and how to take my creative vision," Saigon said. "A lot of people use music to tell you how fly they are, how tough they are, but I try to give the kids a real ideology of where the street life leads you when you really live it. It ain't nothing to glorify, because when we're over the casket, ain't nobody singing and dancing."

The album includes features from artists like Christian rapper Lecrae and Marsha Ambrosius, and Saigon promises that it will leave listeners with something to think about. "I went in there and didn't care about record sales, didn't think about radio, I sang from my heart and it resonates," he said. "When I'm by myself and wanna reflect and think about life, [it's this] kinda music I wanna listen to. I tried to give people an alternative to a lot of the stuff that sounds the same now."

Sai worked with his longtime producer Just Blaze on the project, but in a different manner than before.

"Just is a super-producer. He works at his own pace, and I couldn't afford to wait around, because it took me a long time to get the first album out, so I decided, 'Lemme work backwards. Let me go into the studio with other producers who are hungry and ready to get it done, and let me bring everything to Just and let him put the icing on it and tell what I need and don't need.' "

The result is an album he can fully stand behind.