Kristen Stewart 'Almost Passed Out' First Day On 'Twilight' Set

'I remember going to open the door for the first time and trying to rev myself up to this insane degree,' she tells MTV News.

As our countdown to the premiere and release of "Breaking Dawn- Part 2" continues, we've been very lucky to share some quality time with the fifth and final film's key players, plus the woman responsible for it all, Stephenie Meyer.

That quality time has included plenty of talk about the emotional end to it all that is "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," of course, but some of the especially fun moments have come from Meyer and the castmembers reminiscing about all the "firsts" from filming the inaugural movie, "Twilight."

"First day [on set], we started with the ballet studio, so it was the whole climax of the movie," Kristen Stewart recalled of that film's intense action sequence between villainous vampire James and the Cullens. "I remember going to open the door for the first time and trying to rev myself up to this insane degree that I actually almost passed out and suddenly had this excruciating pain shoot out of my head. and they were like, 'Action! Action!' And I was like, 'Ugh,' and I got it together, and obviously it was fine, but it's kind of fitting. I hadn't had that experience before on a movie, so yeah."

Stewart said that outside of shooting, she remembers with affection the fact that the young and then-unknown castmembers got along really well, right from the start.

"It's kind of the beauty of the forming of our group. I think we all kind of got each other really quickly, starting with ['Twilight' director] Catherine [Hardwicke]," she said. "I feel like when you meet her, you know her."

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