Calvin Harris/ Florence Welch Collabo Was All About The 'Chase'

Producer remembers his yearlong effort to track down the singer for the 18 Months track, 'Sweet Nothing.'

When Calvin Harris sat down to cook up jams for his new album, 18 Months, he knew there was one red-haired female vocal powerhouse he wanted on board: Florence Welch. And, he said the thrill of the chase only made her vocal contribution that much more special.

"It's more satisfying when you're pursuing something. It's like chasing a girl or something. It's way more satisfying if you put in a year's worth of effort of chasing and then you get the result, you get the vocal," he told MTV News. "So the Florence track ['Sweet Nothing'] was #1. She was most chased of the whole album. And then also Dizzee Rascal, I chased for ages, even though he owes me like three vocals over the years. ... So I was really happy with that and then when he came on it, it was like clean sweep of all the people I really wanted to work with on one record, which I wasn't expecting."

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Harris' history with his collaborators started far before the year and a half he dedicated to making the album. He recalled to MTV News when he first met Welch nearly half a decade ago.

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"I met Florence for the first time end of 2007 and the first time I ever saw her in my life, it was like weird corporate [party] and I walked into the green room and she was definitely drunk, getting a piggy back off someone in her band, like with a bottle of champagne, screaming. And I thought 'I like this girl.'... And in the years [since] she just actually grew up. I wasn't expecting that," he said. "I thought she was a cool kid, one of those people who come and go and then she just smashed it." He added, "Now Florence is Florence. She's cool as f--- as well."

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