At Obama's Victory HQ, Smiles, Reporters Hug

MTV News was in Chicago for the president's re-election speech, 'where one minute you could hear a pin drop, and the next it was cacophonous.'

By now, President Obama is probably back at the White House dreaming up potential home renovations — he has four more years in the place, so he can get comfortable. But just last night, he was addressing thousands of supporters in his hometown of Chicago after being re-elected as commander in chief.

MTV News was there even before those supporters gathered and long before Obama's second term was a sure thing, bringing live news and analysis to MTV viewers all Election Night. We caught up with MTV News producer Matt Harper, who was on the ground in Chicago with correspondent Andrew Jenks, to see just what it was like as Obama made history one more time.

"I've been going to all the debates, and the media does a pretty good job of staying unbiased throughout the whole thing and keeping their distance," Harper said. "This is the first time I saw, when the results were called, media people who had been with the campaign for a while hugging each other. I don't know if they were relieved because the election was over or ... it looked like a lot of happiness. That, to me, was weirdly significant versus all the people who come out in support of it — you know they're going to be enthusiastic — but seeing the reporters sort of break down that emotional wall a little bit and get worked up and a little teary-eyed was really cool to see."

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And the journalists weren't the only ones smiling Tuesday night: MTV News spotted some stars out to support the president as well. " walked right by me," Harper said. "He looked very happy."

While Obama's victory was confirmed by major media outlets around 11:15 p.m. ET on Tuesday, it was almost 1 a.m. by the time former Governor Mitt Romney gave his concession speech. The long wait caused a little uneasiness in Chicago, as supporters wondered whether Romney's camp knew something they didn't, but once Romney conceded, McCormick Place breathed a sigh of relief.

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"The results came in a bit earlier than when Obama came out, so it was a weird mood," Harper said. "It was a long time between when CNN called it and Romney actually conceded. There were weird false starts.

"Then, when [Obama] came, the room went actually crazy," he continued. "The coolest thing I saw when he was speaking was that it would go from zero to 60, where one minute you could hear a pin drop in the room, and the next minute it was cacophonous."

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