Kelly Clarkson ‘An Obama Girl’ — Even If Her Man Backs Romney

'You just have to have a respectful environment in order to tolerate other people's reasons for why they believe the way they believe,' she tells MTV News.

Despite the waves Kelly Clarkson made earlier this year with her Twitter endorsement of then-Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul, the Grammy winner has since thrown her support behind President Obama after casting her last official vote as a Texan.

“I had to vote early because I had to vote Texan, although I’m finally, as of two weeks ago, fully moved into Tennessee,” Clarkson told MTV News while promoting her upcoming greatest-hits album. “I’ve been going back and forth for six years, but I always vote in Texas because that was my residence, and now [it’s] not.”

Clarkson echoed the pro-voting sentiments of other celebrities and urged young voters to get out to the polls, even if you think your vote doesn’t count.

“My boyfriend and I are totally voting for different presidential [candidates]. We’re canceling each other out,” Clarkson said of her boyfriend, Reba McEntire’s stepson Brandon Blackstock. “I don’t hate him for that, and he doesn’t hate me. I’m voting for Barack [Obama] because I love Barack. There have been some things that I’m kind of ’ugh’ on, but for the most part, I’m an Obama girl. I voted for him last time. And [my boyfriend] votes for Mitt [Romney] for his reasons. You just have to have a respectful environment in order to tolerate other people’s reasons for why they believe the way they believe. We’re a country [in which] you can do that, so yay for us. I love that we live here.”

The “Catch My Breath” singer said she and her boyfriend have remained very cordial throughout the emotionally charged election, including a joint viewing of one of the presidential debates.

“We watched one [together]; it was pretty funny,” she said. “We’d go back and forth. It’s just funny, because usually couples like us would vote for the same person, but we’re totally canceling each other out.”

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