Election Night: Updates From Obama And Romney Headquarters

As the initial results begin to trickle in, MTV News is reporting live from Election Night headquarters in Chicago and Boston.

After months of campaigning, three rancorous debates and right around 800 Big Bird references, President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have only one thing to do on Election Night: Wait. Obama will be waiting it out at his Election Night headquarters in Chicago, while Romney will post up at the Boston Convention Center to watch the numbers roll in.

And MTV News will be right there with them the entire night until someone is declared the next president of the United States.

Kid Rock rallies for Romney in New Hampshire.

Outside the Boston Convention Center, folks gawked at a Romney/Ryan bulldozer, painted up in red-white-and-blue NASCAR finery, and glared at a pair of hearty souls brave — or foolish — enough to be posted up with a sign touting Massachusetts Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Inside, past the phalanx of security (one of whom asked the MTV News crew if we were "performing tonight" ... must've been the skinny jeans) well-connected folks milled about in the grand ballroom, while projections of the omnipresent Romney "R" shone overhead.

Indiana and Kentucky were called for Romney early in the night, news that was met with loud applause from the young conservatives in attendance ... many of whom were working on bottles of beer.

Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen stump for Obama in Ohio.

First-time voter Kendall Hall, from Oklahoma, admitted to being "anxious" about the results. "It's definitely going to be a long night, it will be down to the last states, waiting for the last poll counts to come in," Hall said. "I don't think anything will be decided early."

Peyton Zere, a 19-year-old voter from New York, said no matter the results, being in Boston for Election Night will be "memorable." "Being here, we've been campaigning for him for the past 8 months, so we're hoping this is a culmination of our efforts," Zere said. "I'm anxious. Even if it doesn't turn out in our best interests, it's been an amazing experience, something I'll never forget."

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Meanwhile, inside Chicago's sprawling McCormick Place, reporters from all over the world anxiously awaited the arrival of the POTUS, as Katie Couric's daytime talk show, "Katie," played on a giant screen behind the podium where Obama will soon stand. While Romney's supporters had already started trickling in to the Boston Convention Center, as of press time, the Obama campaign had not yet allowed supporters onto the floor. Some reporters waited in line for the single dinner option, a hotdog stand, while others sat on the bleachers opposite the stage — drenched in red, white and blue — preparing for his arrival.

Once the results started pouring in, MTV News correspondent Andrew Jenks caught up with young voters to get their takes on the energy inside. Young voter Sophia called the entire experience "electric."

"It's electric. It's amazing," she told MTV News. "I'm so excited to be here."

In both cities, security was heightened to unprecedented levels. On top of the run-of-the-mill metal detectors, security workers also searched every car — in the trunk, underneath, and everywhere in between — and even employed bomb dogs to guarantee security. And understandably so, as thousands of supporters will soon flood the headquarters that will either cheer in celebration or ready their passports to move to Canada.

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