Khloe Kardashian On 'X Factor' Gig: 'Practice Makes Perfect'

'To host such a huge show, it's like a security blanket to have Mario here with me,' she tells MTV News of co-host Mario Lopez.

During last week's "X Factor," fans bid farewell to Willie Jones (Young Adults), David Correy (Over 25's), Diamond White (Teens) and Sister C (Groups) — but not before giving Khloé Kardashian a warm welcome.

The 28-year-old reality-TV vet made her hosting debut alongside Mario Lopez on Wednesday night, and while Kim and Kourtney's little sis is no stranger to the television cameras, she admitted to still having some nerves that Lopez helped soothe on the "X Factor" stage.

"Mario is a pro at what he does. He has, like, 500 hosting jobs," Kardashian told MTV News of Lopez, who also hosts "America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV. "So I love that. It's my first time ever hosting, and then to host live TV and to host such a huge show, it's like a security blanket to have Mario here with me."

With the live shows moved up last week — "Due to the Giants winning, I think. Whatever, I'm not a baseball person," Kardashian told us — preparation for her new gig was expedited. And with all the last-minute scrambling, it was not until that day that the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians'" star noticed something that could have prevented her from bringing her A-game.

"This teleprompter is so far away — um, and I didn't realize I needed contacts or glasses," Kardashian laughed. "I had to literally, the morning of, go get contacts, so I was terrified I would not be able to read the teleprompter, because at rehearsals, I couldn't."

Nonetheless, Kardashian got through her first week of duties and is now working on perfecting her newfound trade. "You get into the flow of it, and I don't want to sound too read-y, so sometimes I do like to just kind of let it go," Kardashian said. "It's a learning process, I think. You know, practice makes perfect."

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