Robert Pattinson Shed A Tear As Dawn Broke On 'Breaking Dawn' Filming

'The sun was actually rising as we were finishing, so it's quite definitive,' 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' star tells MTV News about 'Twilight Saga' end.

The end is almost here. That's right, the last film in the "Twilight Saga," "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is set to hit theaters on November 16. And as the film nears its epic finale, the cast reflects on all the time they've spent saying goodbye to the films that helped launch them to superstar status.

"I think we've been saying 'How's it going to feel [to say goodbye]?' for so long that I felt like it's been over already for like a year and a half," Taylor Lautner told MTV News last week during "MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." "But, yeah, it is a strange feeling. I kind of don't believe it."

Since the first film hit theaters way back in 2008, it's been an epic ride for the cast. With cast shake-ups (and near a shake-up in Lautner's case), director switcheroos and fans wondering what parts of Stephenie Meyer's beloved novels will make the cut on the big screen, anything had been possible in the world of "Twilight." And, now with less than two weeks until it all ends, the cast hopes to spend as much time together in the final promotional push as possible.

"Yes [it is weird this may be the last time we sit together to promote a project]. They've been for like the last few press junkets like separating everyone a lot, which is silly. I think it's like more interesting to watch this," Kristen Stewart shared.

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And, while fans might shed a tear or two as the film cuts to credits come opening day, the cast admits that they also got pretty emotional as the film finished shooting. Taylor laughed, "Rob, you were bawling right?"

"Yeah... more towards the beginning and then they just dried up," Pattinson further joked, before getting a bit sentimental about the end. "The actual end end for me felt like the end. In the Caribbean and stuff, on the beach and the sun was actually rising as we were finishing, so it's quite definitive."

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