'Skyfall' Star Daniel Craig Doesn't Take Fashion Tips From Bond

While the style may not be his own, the actor tells MTV News how important it is to the character.

There's more to being James Bond than just throwing punches and sleeping with beautiful women. At least, that's the case for Daniel Craig. As the mere mortal only filling the role of 007 for the time being, Craig has taken on the responsibility of owning the role. He often quotes former Bond, Pierce Brosnan, who compared it to running a small country.

When we spoke with Craig for the latest adventure, "Skyfall," which opens in theaters on Friday, he downplayed his role in the planning and development of each installment, saying "I like to think [I have input]. Certainly, [the producers] let me talk; whether they listen to me, I don't know."

He did, however, certainly play a role in hiring Sam Mendes as director. The two had previously worked together on "Road to Perdition," but the director famously spoke out against Craig as Bond before the premiere of "Casino Royale," which changed his mind. The two eventually made up, and Craig wanted Mendes for the job, even though the director had never directed an action movie before.

Craig told us that it wasn't Mendes' résumé that convinced him he was right for the job, but what the leading man saw in him. "Even though I'm a big fan of his, it was less so about what he had done and about what I thought he could do. I just saw his potential," Craig said. "It's his love of the Bond franchise that really was key, I think. Like me, he has grown up very much watching the same movies, and I knew we would have a common language. He has a real passion for it, and I do. I just thought that if we could combine that, we can push this somewhere."

While Craig may have had something to do with Mendes directing the film, the stylish clothes Bond wears throughout "Skyfall" do not reflect his own style. His suits were created from a collaboration between costume designer Jany Temime, who worked on all of the "Harry Potter" films, and designer Tom Ford.

"[Bond's style] is very, very important to me, and I'm a huge believer that the look and feel, a lot of that has to do with the clothes people wear," he said. "Certainly, we were lucky enough to have Tom Ford involved with the movie. He decided these amazing suits for everybody in the movie. Jany, our costume designer, did a beautiful job. A Bond movie isn't a Bond movie without that kind of style."

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