50 Cent On Floyd Mayweather Beef: Just Kidding!

'He just wanted some attention Floyd is like a brother to me,' Fif tweets in the aftermath of he and Mayweather's Twitter fallout.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather sure have a strange relationship. It used to be that the music mogul and the boxing champ were as thick as thieves, but after some behind-the-scenes beef and some very public Twitter disses their bond crumbled. Or did it?

"I'm sick of all this nonsense Floyd asked me to act like were fighting cause no one was paying any attention after his 60 days," Fif tweeted on Monday morning (November 5), referring to Mayweather's three-month prison sentence that ended in August. "I know some the thing we do in hip hop for shock value are wrong. He just wanted some attention Floyd is like a brother to me."

50's admission comes just days after he and Money Mayweather went back and forth over the social networking site for the world to see. "A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined," Mayweather wrote with an Instagram picture of 50 holding the boxer's championship hardware.

"F--- boy you look cute in that jacket," Mayweather wrote next with a pic of the "In the Club" MC in the same Money Team jacket which he said he'd sell for $1 earlier this week.

The barrage didn't end there. "I respect the shooter not the one who got shot," Floyd wrote in reference to the 2000 incident where the star rapper was shot nine times and then fired off another jab which read: "Hold my money F--- Boy" with a picture of 50 holding stacks of cash while the boxer hovers over him.

On Wednesday night, the G-Unit CEO took to Twitter to announce that he had withdrawn from he and Mayweather's the Money Team promotions company, before hurling some insults at Floyd. "If anyone wants a money team jacket I'm selling mine for a dollar. The [snap] back hat comes with it. That's a fare price," he wrote. "Get your TMT sweat suit NOW!! For just $7.99 on line No shipping and handling.SMSaudio."

The exact cause of the spat is unknown, though a planned boxing promotions company between 50 and Floyd's rival Manny Pacquiao is believed to be at the root.

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