Snooki On Three More Babies: 'I Could Do It Again'

'The delivery was really not that bad, even though I was in labor for 27 hours,' 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News.

It seems as if Jenni "JWoww" Farley has been replaced as Snooki's best friend by 2-month-old Lorenzo. Ever since becoming a new mom back in August, Snooki has traded in her hard partying days for long nights tending to her newest "Jersey Shore" addition with fiancé Jionni LaValle.

MTV News recently caught up with the star, who described motherhood as "awesome" and explained what she likes most about her new full-time responsibility.

"Just have a new best friend," Snooki said. "He's like my new best friend, we cuddle all the time. He's like my new sleeping buddy."

And it seems that baby Enzo might turn out to be a mini Snooki, since she admits that he's starting to act just like her.

"He's starting to smile, so I feel like he has a sense of humor, which is good because I do too," Snooki said. "And he's just always wants to be held. He craves attention. He's like me."

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Snooki's not the only one who has adjusted well to parenthood; LaValle has taken his new role as dad very seriously.

"Jionni is a very good dad," Snooki said. "I feel like Lorezno has two moms because Jionni is so hands on and changes his diaper, does everything. He's doing a good job."

Now even though the two have become natural parents, it doesn't mean that they weren't nervous upon Lorenzo's arrival.

"I was shaking because when I get really nervous or scared my teeth start chattering like I'm freezing and I did that the whole time," Snooki said before giving birth. "I had to play Christmas music to calm me down. "

Yet, now that Lorenzo is here and happy and healthy is Snooki ready to add to her growing family? Back in June, Snooki told MTV News that she wanted to have four babies, and it seems that is still the plan.

"Four babies, yes, because the delivery was really not that bad, even though I was in labor for 27 hours. I didn't feel anything because I had the epidural, and him obviously coming out, that hurt," Snooki said. "But I could do it again."