Kristen Stewart 'Ready To Throw Down' For Twi-Fight Title

Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and more 'Breaking Dawn' stars pick their favorites left in our tournament.

Hey, "Twilight" fans, how's your favorite character faring in our Twi-Fight Saga tournament? Make sure to keep those votes coming now through November 12 so your favorite vamp, werewolf or human isn't unceremoniously ousted.

The last elimination round proved to be particularly brutal for the Cullens, after which only Edward, Bella, Esme, Alice and Jasper remain. So who's going to be the last vampire or human standing?

MTV News posed this burning question to the cast of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" to see who they think should take the Twi-Fight title.

"I'm ready to throw down right now," Kristen Stewart said, mock-confident of Bella's chances. "I think I've proved time and time again that old Bella represents, comes out on top, done. I got it, done deal."

Despite Bella's popularity, Stewart is facing formidable competition from Bella's dad, Charlie, who has proven to be a cast favorite.

"Billy Burke's character Charlie, he's my favorite one," Kellan Lutz admitted. "He should ground her, and then he'll win."

"Charlie, I would go Charlie," Taylor Lautner agreed. "Dude, I love Charlie. People have this thing for Charlie, and I admit, I have it. I give a lot of the credit to Billy Burke. He brings so much to that role."

Meanwhile, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser were surprised to learn that sweet-but-strong Esme had bested her hubby Carlisle in the third round.

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"What? That's awesome!" Facinelli said when he heard the news that Carlisle was KO'd by Esme. "I'm actually excited."

"Really? What a sweet husband that he's happy for me!" Reaser said, before asking an important question. "But why were we pitted against each other?"

Don't let your favorites fall! This fourth round will continue through Monday (November 5) followed by the Final Four and then the Championship Round, which begins November 8 and concludes November 12.

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