Obama, Romney Need To Follow 'Green New Deal,' Third Party Candidate Says

'People need to be accountable,' Dr. Jill Stein tells MTV News, pointing out presidential candidates' energy and environmental flaws.

Despite not being invited to attend a single presidential debate — and rarely getting mentioned by mainstream media — Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein's name will show up on 85 percent of the ballots on Election Day, a fact that she says should have Barack Obama and Mitt Romney "quaking in their boots."

And that's not because Stein has any real shot of winning the election; instead, it's due to the fact that the Green Party platform — one she describes as "people, peace and the planet" — may catch the eyes of voters ... and then force whomever wins the White House to actually committing to making genuine change.

The Green Party is calling for 25 million new jobs in the green economy, a "Medicare For All" system that could save the government $1 trillion and free public higher education for all. And for young voters dealing with crippling student loans, concerns about our nation's energy policies, and a weak economy ... well, those are appealing stances, to say the very least.

And when Stein sat down with MTV News as part of the Power of 12 campaign, she addressed all of those points, and took a moment to highlight the fact that while the two major candidates haven't addressed the issue of clean energy and climate change, well, the Green Party has made solving both of those problems a top priority.

"If you look at the talk, there are differences between them," she said. "At least there were differences between them. When he was running for office, the president talked quite a bit about climate and Romney has usually been in this kind of climate denial, denying human control over this. We're not victims of some mysterious process here, we can fix this. It's important not to get distracted by the talk and actually look at the walk, because the walk is what we've gotten.

"People need to be accountable for what they've done. It's not what you say, it's what you do. To look at their policies, there's not much difference between them," Stein continued. "It's true the president has done a couple things around the margins on climate. That's true he created some green jobs, he's called for $15 billion a year in green jobs going forward. He's done a little bit on tailpipe emissions, but this is around the margins. This is the frosting on the cake."

Stein then went on to point out the president's policies of increased construction of oil pipelines, offshore drilling and hydrofracking as evidence that he hasn't exactly walked the walk when it comes to environmental issues ... or clean energy. And she said that all of those decisions have not only put America behind when it comes to creating a clean-energy economy, but has put our future in grave danger. And all of those things would change if ever the Green Party platform were to be embraced by voters on Election Day.

"This is not what a secure future looks like ... we need concerted climate action now, which our campaign is calling for," Stein said. "We call it the Green New Deal. It's an emergency plan that puts people back to work creating green energy, a healthy, green, local, sustainable food economy, public transportation, including active transit, so you can bike and walk to transit hubs, or to school and work instead of having to join a health club and pay a big fee to get your exercise. It puts a halt to climate change, it ends the unemployment crisis and it makes wars for oil obsolete."

With the election tomorrow, stick with MTV's Power of 12 throughout Tuesday's voting for results, analysis and reports from Chicago and Boston on election night.