‘Wreck-It Ralph’: The Reviews Are In!

The animated video-game movie has earned a '1 UP' from critics.

It may not be “Toy Story,” but “Wreck-It Ralph” has wowed the critics in its own right. Disney Animation has taken a note or two from its colleagues over at Pixar, crafting a creative animated movie with enough heart to win over just about anyone.

John C. Reilly and the film’s concept are earning the highest marks from critics, who are mostly aligned in their praise of the movie.

Here’s what the critics are saying about “Wreck-It Ralph.”

The Story
“In Wreck-It Ralph’s byte-size universe of arcade games, a pixelated panoply of characters (both copyrighted and made-up) commingle each day after the final quarter has been dropped. But for Ralph, the bulldozer-handed villain of the 1980s arcade relic Fix-It Felix Jr., life isn’t all power-ups and extra lives. An 8-bit brute with a heart of gold, Ralph (voiced with hangdog perfection by John C. Reilly) escapes his game on a quest to prove to the world that there’s more to him than just being bad.” -Keith Staskiewicz, Entertainment Weekly

The Voice Work
“Ralph’s depression is invaluably conveyed by the voice dubbing of John C. Reilly, who can sound put-upon almost by his very nature. Felix, voiced by Jack McBrayer, from “30 Rock,” is cheerful, high-spirited and helpful, even if trapped in the identity of Goody Two-Shoes.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Sequel Potential
“The game worlds depicted just scratch the surface of arcade possibilities, so sequels are a no-brainer. But unlike so many franchise films that are just attempts at squeezing more money out of moviegoers, additional movies set in this universe make sense and would be a welcome addition to family films, provided that the overall quality stays as high as this one.” -Claudia Puig, USA Today

The Final Word
” ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ manages to be touching as well as silly, thrilling and just a bit exhausting. The secret to its success is a genuine enthusiasm for the creative potential of games, a willingness to take them seriously without descending into nerdy pomposity. I am delighted to surrender my cynicism, at least until I’ve used up today’s supply of quarters.” -A.O. Scott, The New York Times

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