Rihanna's Unapologetic Won't Feature Follow-up To 'We Found Love'

Producer Calvin Harris reveals he was supposed to feature on Rihanna's new album, but simply ran out of time.

Rihanna's Unapologetic album features [article id="1694452"]Sia, Stargate and Benny Blanco[/article], comes in a $250 [article id="1696484"]"executive platinum"[/article] edition and is even being promoted via a [article id="1696534"]globe-spanning, jet-setting tour[/article]. And yet, despite all that, there is one thing Rih Rih's latest will not include: Calvin Harris.

In a new interview with BBC Newsbeat, the "We Found Love" producer revealed that he won't feature on Unapologetic (due November 19), mostly because he didn't have enough time to finish a song for the album ... though it's not as if he didn't try.

"Rihanna's been recording her next album, and I saw her and she said 'You have to do something for my album, you have to, we need you!' And then you're like 'Right, I need to do this!'" Harris said. "So then you go into the studio and you're like 'OK, well I need to sit here and I've got two days to make probably one of the best records that I will have ever made in my life, let's see how that works out.' Obviously I didn't do anything, so I'm not on the record!"

Harris, whose own [article id="1694402"]18 Months[/article] album hit stores on Tuesday, said that he did manage to finish a track, though it wasn't up to his standards, which is why, ultimately, you won't hear it on Unapologetic.

"I did a decent tune, but, nah, you can't work under that kind of pressure," he said. "I can't anyway. I can't go into the studio and say, 'Right, go write a hit.' "

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