Demi Lovato's Makeover Gets Rave Reviews From 'X Factor' Fans

Fans shared that the singer looks 'flawless' showing off brand-new chocolate brown hair.

Sure, there were some contestant shakeups on Thursday night's "X Factor" that certainly left fans surprised. But perhaps the change that had most viewers shocked was the brand-new look that judge Demi Lovato debuted on the show.

While she had been a blonde for the pre-taped episodes of the Fox series, this week, she decided to try out something else for the live shows by dying her hair a deep, chocolate brown, reminiscent of the hair color she sported back in her tween days on the Disney channel.

While she had her bangs brushed back on Thursday, she certainly looked like the much younger, "Camp Rock" version of herself when she wore the color with bangs on Wednesday.

Additionally, she's been trying out a different makeup look with each hairstyle. On Wednesday's episode, it was all about cherry red lips and eyeliner to highlight her blunt bangs. But one day later, she opted for a heavy eyebrow and nude lips and a sweeping updo.

The look hasn't gone unnoticed by her fans, who have taken to Twitter to give the singer props for her chameleon-like sense of style.

"Demi Lovato has brown hair and bangs. I feel like I'm in 2008.#camprock #xfactor," @sopphiiaaxo wrote with ‏@TrizzDaleyadding, "Demi Lovato looked so stunning with her new brown hair."

@ohhyeslovato added that no matter what Demi does, she always looks awesome. The fan wrote, "demi lovato. girl who looks flawless in brown, black, dark blond, banana blond, light blon[d], platinum blond, orange, red, blue and pinkhair."

The majority of the comments for Demi's new look were generally glowing and fans seem to really be embracing what she's trying.@WessenHaus wrote, "Demi Lovato is looking beautiful tonight on THE X FACTOR!!! I'm liking the hair, girl!!!"

@Ohshidah shared, "Demi lovato so pretty with this hair colour. I want to be like her."

One fan, ‏@DominicScott, however joked that the singer's constant need to switch up her look reminded him of Mariah Carey's multiple wardrobe changes during her classic "Cribs" episode.

"Demi lovato changes her hair more than mariah carey changes her outfit in that mtv cribs episode," the user joked.

Lovato, like many of her pop peers, frequently changes her look. Since the "X Factor" premiered back in September, the singer has already rocked a number of hairstyles including super-blond locks, pink-hued highlights, bangs and no bangs. She's worn it up in buns, down and straight and wavy. That was all before she settled on her most recent dark look with blunt bangs.

When MTV News spoke with celebrity hairstylist Rita Hazan earlier this year, she explained why female pop stars love to change up their look so often. "Some of the '80s is back, those vibrant colors and neon colors. I think girls are a little more relaxed into bringing their inner self out, their inner crazy. It's not so structured, [like] you have to be pretty and fit into this mold. I love women embracing their inner crazy and making it work for them," she said.

These days, Hazan said, "There are no rules and it doesn't seem like it's organized or styled," adding, "Each person has their own individual personality and they rock [it] and it works for them. It's nice to see women embracing themselves in that way."

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