Nelly Celebrates Birthday With Scorpio Season, A Free Gift To Fans

'I think this one is dope because I'm actually dropping it on my birthday, November 2,' Nelly tells Mixtape Daily.

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Headliner: Nelly

Representing: St. Louis, Missouri

Mixtape: Scorpio Season

How generous is Nelly? On Friday (November 2) the St. Louis rap star is set to celebrate his b-day by giving fans a free gift in the form of his new mixtape, Scorpio Season. It's new ground for the multiplatinum hitmaker, whose discography includes chart-toppers like "Hot in Herre," "Dilemma" and 2010's "Just a Dream,"which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

"Scorpio Season is actually my second mixtape I've ever done, so I'm still new to this territory so to speak," Nelly told Mixtape Daily of his latest. "I think this one is dope because I'm actually dropping it on my birthday, November 2. Proud Scorpio through and throughout, so I hold that down err'time I can."

Nelly's last mixtape O.E.MO dropped last December and found him going over popular tracks like MGK's "Wild Boy" and Drake's "The Motto" as well as collaborating with T.I. and 2 Chainz on "Country Ass N---a. " This time out, the "Country Grammar" spitter offers more of the same in an updated package.

What better way to celebrate?

Joints to Check For

» "CNF" — "I always try to keep some country sh-- on my album. Last mixtape I had 'Country Ass N---a' on this mixtape I got 'Country N---a Fly.' I try to keep that because I'm so proud of that. I said that when we embraced. Yeah, we are country but why does that have to be a bad thing? What does country mean? Why does country have to mean a bad thing? So I wanted to make sure I broke that stereotype and it's not really a bad thing if we embrace it now. So I try to keep somethin' like that always in play."

» "4 in the Mornin' " — "I ain't gonna say that all Scorpios are freaks because that's not the truth, I don't think. I think all Scorpios can be freaks. I think we're very picky about who we give that Scorpio feeling to, but if you are very lucky to achieve that feeling from a Scorpio then you should be proud of it because you're about to get it."

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