Miley Cyrus Has Her Cake And Wears It Too In 'Decisions' Video

Singer says goodbye to Hannah Montana in the clip for her collaboration with EDM producer Borgore.

For anyone wondering what a night on the town with Miley Cyrus might look like, the video for her track with EDM producer Borgore, "Decisions," offers up a slightly naughty sneak peek.

The clip follows Cyrus, along with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, adult-film star Jessie Andrews and Borgore as they hit up a cake-filled party somewhere in L.A. Borgore makes his way to the bash on bicycle, towing a giant cake on the back of his ride. When he arrives, the DJ's real-life former flame Andrews gets pushed by a little person, a member of Borgore's crew. It's truly just a tease to the antics set to go down inside the fete.

Inside, located behind a wall of books, the producer is greeted by foxy ladies who toss flirty glances and kisses his way. As the song frequently references cake, Borgore raps in front of a few featuring the likes of folks like Steve Aoki, Skrillex, a bosomy topless woman and President Clinton. About two minutes and 25 seconds into the video, fans might be wondering where Ms. Cyrus is hiding. Well, at that very moment, she pops out of a cake, smiling and ready to dance.

For the remainder of the video, Miley, rocking all black and her now-signature short 'do, bounces around with Borgore and the rest of the partygoers, and ends up making out with Hemsworth, who wears a unicorn mask.

As the video nears its finish, she's smothered in the sugary, frosted dessert and throwing it around during a good old-fashioned food fight. Post-party, Miley (now in a white, full-length party dress that looks a bit like cake obviously) and Borgore sit outside on his bike, watching the sun come up. Her makeup now running down her face, he rides them away.

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Miley has certainly been taking steps to put her "Hannah Montana" days behind her. It's a move that co-star Andrews completely understands. "I understand where she's coming from, trying to break away from that," she told MTV News on Wednesday, ahead of the video's premiere. "She doesn't want to be Hannah Montana anymore; she wants to be her own person. ... The way she's dressing, the hair, the music — everything is outside of the box. It didn't really surprise me."

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