Halloween Brings Back Scary Memories -- Like Dodging Katy Perry Fans!

Christa B. Allen recalls her haunted hayride with megastar Perry, while Rachel Bilson tells MTV News about one girl's 'slutty hot dog' costume.

Happy Halloween to one and all! Although celebrations on the East Coast have been dampened by Hurricane Sandy, the rest of the country is getting ready for trick-or-treating, costume parties or just handing out candy.

As part of our celebration, we asked celebrities to treat us to memories of their favorite costumes and Halloween memories.

"I was a hot dog last year," "Hart of Dixie" star Rachel Bilson recalled. "I thought, 'I'm so clever, I'm going to be a hot dog,' and I showed up and another girl was wearing the same costume. Except she was a slutty hot dog. I don't know what she did, but it was a miniskirt hot-dog situation that was so wrong on so many levels. I thought, 'You are going to get so much ketchup squirted on you,' " she joked.

"Nashville" actress Hayden Panettiere's favorite costume was when she paid homage to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" femme fatale Jessica Rabbit. "I had the butt pads, the boobs [pushed] up to here, the long red hair — it was great," she said.

"I'm a big fan of anything that scares me and playing into it," "Revenge" actress Christa B. Allen said. "In L.A., we have this haunted hayride on a truck driven by this farmer. The devil rises, a clown starts coming at you with a chainsaw — none of it is real, but it's so fun being scared. I was in the back of the cart with Katy Perry and all of her crew and my crew. People were jumping out at us, and fans were mobbing Katy. There were people coming at us from every angle. It was a pretty scary night."

"Happy Endings" star Elisha Cuthbert gave her dad a shout-out for the time and effort he put into the assembly of a detailed popcorn-box costume she wore with pride. "My all-time favorite was when I was a kid, my dad made me a giant popcorn box that fit over my head and my hands stuck out the sides," she said. "He put so much time and effort into it, I have to give him a shout-out. But everyone kept trying to eat the popcorn out of the top of it, which was so rude and I couldn't reach to bat their hands away."

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