Snoop Lion Is 'Shakin' And Bakin' ' For Halloween 'La, La, La' Video

'A lot of kids, a lot of costumes, you know lion in the jungle, just having a good time,' Snoop Dogg tells MTV News of his ghoulish clip

Snoop Lion loves the kids and he shows it in his new reggae video "La, La, La" which he premiered on on Wednesday (October 31). Not only did the S-N-Double O-P create a visual to compliment the kid-friendly holiday, he hooked up with director Eli Roth to bring it to life.

"A lot of kids, a lot of costumes, you know lion in the jungle, just having a good time," Snoop told MTV News about his new clip. "It's one of those records that just celebrates fun, trick or treat in so many words."

The "Hostel" director and the 213 MC teased the visuals this past weekend on Twitter after Snoop shot out a message to Roth. "ay @eliroth lets finish up that music vid for #lalala," on Friday.

On Sunday, Snoop, who recently dropped the "Dogg" from his moniker and replaced it with "Lion," posted a photoon the social networking site with him posing with a couple of costumed kids in front of colorful video set. The Cali rap icon wouldn't give away all the details but broke down the basics for us. "A bunch of kids dressed in costume, dancin' shakin' and bakin', makin' it move to the music and the sounds of Snoop Lion," he said.

Even though Snoop debuted the vid on Halloween, he believes it can rock all year 'round. "It's definitely not no seasonal work, it just happens to drop on the Halloween season, but it's not a seasonal situation," he said. "It feels good yearly, annually, as long as you play it it's gonna feel good no matter what time of the year it is."

"La, La, La" will appear on Snoop Lion's first-ever, upcoming reggae LP Reincarnated.

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