Star Wars Fans 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Disney-Lucas Deal

'We want to continue to feel connected to the saga,' Eric Geller of tells MTV News.

With Tuesday's announcement that Walt Disney Company is now the proud new owner of Lucasfilm, fans all over the Expanded Universe are expressing every emotion imaginable, including elation, frustration, hope ... and fear.

Eric Geller from tells MTV News he is "cautiously optimistic" regarding Disney's acquisition. Geller said he's seen a general concern among fans that it will give the franchise even more "corporate overtones" than it already had.

"Lucasfilm has been pretty good about reaching out to fans for things like screenings of episodes of 'The Clone Wars,' and we don't want to see that relationship with the fans disappear," Geller said. "We want Disney to continue Lucasfilm's outreach to fans because we want to continue to feel connected to the saga."

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Bryan Young, editor of Big Shiny Robot, thinks the deal will help the saga's future.

"For those like me that have loved what has been going on in the franchise for the last 20 years, this is the news we've wanted," Young said. "Disney has proven that they can be excellent stewards of our favorite properties, as evidenced by this year's biggest film, 'The Avengers.' For those who were less than enthused about the direction of the franchise, I think this is the course correction they've been looking for. We'll get Star Wars movies based on Lucas stories, updated and directed by a whole new generation of filmmakers."

Of course there's still an entire galaxy's worth of unanswered questions. The first thing everyone wants to know is what the new trilogy will be about. And there are many other details to consider.

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"Will we still see the long rumored live-action show appearing on an ABC affiliate at some point," Young wondered. "Will Blu-ray editions of the theatrical cuts of the classic films finally be released?"

Geller wants to know what Disney will do with the huge amount of material — books, comics, games, etc. — that has filled in the gaps between movies as well as extended the story.

"Also, a lot of us have been hoping for more Star Wars content from George Lucas," Geller said. "With the news that he will only be a 'creative consultant' on Episode VII, there are already some concerns among Star Wars fans that the Disney Star Wars films will not ring true to what he produced with the first six films. Will there be a thematic disconnect between Lucas' trilogies and this new Disney trilogy?"

Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the deal, both Geller and Young agree that more Star Wars movies is a good thing. "I'm floored by the thought that I'll be able to go see an all-new trilogy of Star Wars movies in the theatre with my children," Young said. "And that makes me happier than I've been in a long time."

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