Lady Gaga May Release Two 'Volumes' Of ARTPOP

Gaga says she's contemplating splitting the album into two, with one 'commercial' side and another 'experimental' side.

Lady Gaga has been collaborating with an alphabetical assortment of talent in recent months — everyone from Azealia Banks to Zedd — so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that her upcoming ARTPOP album might end up being split into two volumes.

That's according to the Mother Monster herself, who broke the news in a chat hosted on her site. Apparently, some of the tracks Gaga is working on for her new album are so out there that she's contemplating turning it into a two-disc affair, with one part "experimental" tracks, and the other, more traditional, radio-friendly fare.

"It's a bit more modern. You never know if radio is ready," Gaga said. "I can't decide how to tracklist it yet. Sort of thinking that volume one should have all the commercial songs and save the experimental material for volume two."

It's not clear if Gaga meant she'd be releasing ARTPOP as a double-disc set, or if she plans on splitting the album up into two separate volumes. MTV News' email to her reps seeking clarification was not responded to by press time.

Gaga also told fans that there will be a corresponding ARTPOP app, and while details are scarce, she promised that it would definitely blow people's minds.

"The app is coming along amazing. I'm flying back to Chicago to work on it," she said. "The developers on ARTPOP are all like 22 and genius kids. You'd be surprised how many genius Little Monsters there are."