Lady Gaga Tells New York 'I Love You' Amid Hurricane Sandy

As storm floods parts of the Big Apple, the pop star shares her well-wishes for family, friends and fans in the city.

Hurricane Sandy left a devastating wake as it barreled its way across the Northeast Tuesday morning (October 30). So far, at least 16 people have died in and more than 7 million homes were left without power. New York City, perhaps one of the hardest-hit areas, has been completely shut down as parts of the city were flooded and public transit was down.

New York City native Lady Gaga, who was not home when Sandy hit, took to an otherwise empty Twitterverse to send her well-wishes to her family, friends and fans in New York City.

"i know its gonna be ok, but that water flooding downtown while my friends are sitting in the dark is making me sad. i love you new york," she tweeted. New York's Battery Park, along with areas of the Lower East Side and Alphabet City, began flooding on Monday. Pictures on Twitter showed cars floating in the street at Eighth Street and Avenue C.

Gaga is currently making rounds on her Born This Way Ball. Her next show is scheduled for Tuesday night in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And even though she escaped the wrath of Sandy, she made it clear that there is no place she'd rather be but home. "#SandyNeedsToSitDown miss you mom, dad, natali and all my friends. :( i wanna be there in the rain with you," Gaga shared.

While Gaga did express concern for New York (and added that she's "never watching Grease again"), she made it clear that if any city can make it through Sandy, it's her hometown.

"its such a testament to New York that none of my friends or family members have left," Gaga tweeted. "not even my blind grandma in NJ."

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